B&B Varco - La fattoria

We started with a kitten and then, animal by animal our family-farm was born out of our great passion for all creatures.

In the enclosure we find, in order of size:

A Sardinian donkey who is very affectionate, curious and sometimes a little naughty. She loves her long ears to be stroked and to be brushed.

She’s Orsetta’s sister and was born exactly one year later. She is the best friend of Nutella.

After living for two years with her friends donkeys, we decided to send her on vacation in Loro Piceno together with its similar: sometimes we go to visit her in the large grassy paddock and each time we call her, she comes to us.

Agata and Ginevra
Our hens are fed with organic products and produce fresh eggs for us every day, from which we make cakes, zabaglione, omelettes etc.

Outside the pen we find:

Is the chief dog and being the eldest has a few ailments, but is still the best guard.

A contemporary and brother of Uno, cuddly and at times a bit cowardly!

Is the deputy-head dog and came from a kennel; she is shy, sweet and discreet.

Is the youngest and so is exuberant, playful and a little bit clumsy. He attended a course in agility with Celeste.

The “mistress” cat and the oldest animal that we have, she is still an excellent hunter.