In designing our house, we focused on environmental sustainability. Our house it is built using breathable, self-supporting poroton bricks, which require a minimum amount of concrete and chemical insulation.

It is heated by the hot air of a fireplace, therefore there are no radiators or underfloor heating; wooden window frames and double glazing allow to have a fixed temperature in rooms. The North Oasis flat is heated by a highly efficient class A boiler which reduces useless power consumption providing maximum efficiency.

In all other recently refurbished rooms, we have installed a heat pump that provides warmth in winter and air conditioning in summer. Water is heated for the whole building by solar panels and is stored in a storage tank that holds 800 litres. In winter, especially on sunny days, boiler’s consumes are considerably reduced.

In summer the boiler is turned off till the first chilly days of autumn. As for the electric power, we have installed a photovoltaic system of 4.4 kW on the roof of our shed, which is connected to a network that transforms energy on site: an optimal solution that in conveying the energy produced during the day on the pool pump, allow us to save on bills .

Last but not least, in 2014 we replaced all our light bulbs with low-consumption LED lights, so B&B Varco is now reducing energy waste to a minimum. This is only the beginning of our plans to reduce energy waste, and we will be introducing more measures over time.