A DONKEY'S STEP - Trekking contiguous area of the Natural Reserve of Fiastra

A DONKEY’S STEP – Trekking contiguous area of the Natural Reserve of Fiastra

The Association Caravan in cooperation with the B&B Varco organize for the bridge on May 1 a trek in the hills of the interior of Macerata.

The trek A DONKEY’S PACE aims the promotion and the discovery of the area adjoining the Natural Reserve of Fiastra and involves the territory of five municipalities: Tolentino, Urbisaglia, Loro Piceno, Mogliano and Petriolo.

It’s a hiking loop lasting three days (Friday to Sunday) did in the company of donkeys, as well as play the role of transporters of luggage, will mark the rhythm and pace of the participants, allowing them to regain possession of that slowness and carelessness of which to this day you are untraceable.

Spring is coming and the arrival of warm weather will favor milder days outdoors, small and large holiday can be enjoyed at the center of our beautiful Italy, our position is optimal with the proximity of the Sibillini Mountains and the Rivera del Conero … and in the middle of our beautiful countryside that characterizes the Marche, with the heat then yes we can relax on board our rooftop pool  😉

For all the technical details, how to register and participate are widely described in the PDF that you can download here.

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